5 Days of Intentions Course

5 Days of Intentions Course

5 Days of Intentions Course

DAY 1 -Drop the Chips

How many times have you opened a bag of snacks while scrolling away on your phone or watching your favorite show only to realize 20 minutes later that you’ve hit rock bottom . The bottom of the bag at least ? Senseless snacking has swept the nation , but it’s doing more than expanding our waistbands . It’s shrinking our minds , by now we’ve all been bombarded with the harsh realization of GMOs and the mental hold it puts on us as human beings . Blocking our pineal glands and creating an addiction with a plethora of chemical additives , these snacks are a really great way to make America stay asleep making it harder for you to manifest your goals and easier for you to fall into depression.

“Red, orange, and yellow signal sweetness and desirability to your brain, a concept that food marketers have known about and employ.” -Dr. Steven Gundry, MD

For example: When plants are ready to be eaten they let there predator know by attracting them with color. We are hardwired to associate red, yellow, and orange colors with ripeness and nutrition. Ever ate a banana that was way too green ?? It most likely had you in the bathroom for quite some time; because fruits that are not ready have gut-irritating properties so predators know that they are not ready for consumption .
Plants that are ripe and WANT you to eat them (because they rely on predators digestive tract to ‘spread their seed’) use color play to get the predators attention ???. For this reasoning, all animals that are meant to eat fruit have color vision. ?

“Google Mcdonalds, Burger King , KFC and Wendy’s – what do you see? An abundance of red words or backgrounds with yellow shapes ?. Walk down the ’snack food’ aisle at the grocery store and you’ll see yellow Gushers boxes ? and red Kool-aid ?, it’s an easy trick to get your attention. The plot only thickens when it comes to the marketing aimed at children : A 2014 study of cereal aisles at grocery stores found cereal products marketed to kids are placed half as high on the shelves as cereals marketed for adults, so they can appear closer to the eye level. The characters on the kids cereal boxes, such as Trix Rabbit, Cap’n Crunch, also appeared to be looking downwards at a 9.7-degree angle, whereas characters on adult boxes look straight ahead. “

Release the snacking vortex your mind is trapped in and get yourself a bowl of fruit instead of opening up a bag of anything! Your mind, body, and soul will thank you ! ???????

DAY 2 -Lose the attitude, Dude.

Ugghhhhhhh , ?, ?,?, why doesn’t anyone understand exactly the way you want things to be done? Thats the only reason you have an attitude right, its not asking for much? Lol….

If you find yourself having a constant chip on your shoulder it’s time to tune in to yourself. Figure out what it is thats constantly altering your mood and alter it before it changes you ! Its time to do a life clear out instagram!
-Delete contacts in your phone that you’d rather not associate with. ?
-Quit your job (If your only there for the money) ?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♂️
-Invest in your mind, body, soul. (Books, yoga, meditation) ? ? ?
-Literally, make yourself smile more often.?
-Take a moment and see everyones perspective in a negative situation, if you cannot come to an agreement walk away from it.?
-Do not engage in gossip! ?

You have this one life as a human being to live so why waste it giving your attention to things that don’t make you happy. Small things like rolling your eyes and petty gossip literally destroy your heart wall and throw your chakras off balance. You never thought a little conversation about the next man could damage your health did you?

Do as your mom always told you and SHAKE IT OFF, your energy has so much to gain! ??

DAY 3 -Put your Phone Down

As interesting as that blue light in your hand is , there is definitely a time and place for it. With social media constantly evolving and human beings becoming more and more socially awkward, its time to put your phone down and act like you don’t have an unlimited everything plan. ??‍♀️

Instagram , Facebook , Snapchat , Twitter , YouTube, Repeat….. anyone else been stuck in the app vortex ? Exit one just to open another , then right back to the app you just closed . Oy! Makes me want the good ol Motorola razor and blackberry days back??… you know what I’m talking about!! It’s time to put these screens down.

“The use of mobile phones facilitates the emission of low levels of radiofrequency energy (RF) that has an adverse biological impact to the health of human beings. Besides, the low levels of the radiofrequency energy the mobile phones emit while in use are in the microwave frequency levels. Similarly, the high degree of RF can produce significant health problems or effects through heating of tissues, exposure to low level of radiofrequency energy that cannot produce the heat impacts which can cause the unknown adverse health effects. A substantial amount of the radio-frequency energy can increase the body temperature and influence the damage of the tissues.”

Technology is evolving so fast but what you spend your time and energy doing is completely your choice . Understanding the risks is the first step to bettering your health and your life . Set aside a time to be on your phone , and when your not using it put it on airplane mode✈ so it’s harmful effects are put to rest .

In the mean time there’s lots of activities to do
-Focus on your goals , passion , ambition ! ?
-Get crafty , start a vision board , DIY it up , paint something ?
-Go to the park (it doesn’t matter your age)! ??
-Take yourself out to eat . ?
-Practice , practice , practice (whatever your trying to learn) ?
-Physically go have a conversation with someone ?
-Go to the mountains ⛰, or the beach?
-People Watch (without being creepy) it’s the best way to understand human nature .
-Write a journal

Day 4 -Ground Yourself

The most important day of them all ! It’s so simple . Today is all about returning to the comfort of nature to do some soul cleansing and deep breathing. Relaxation at its finest .

-Love yourself today with positive affirmations: ‘I am enough, and what I can do today is just fine . ‘ ,
‘I am one with the universe ?’
-Walk barefoot in the grass it will swap energy with you , dissolving all negative emotions .
-Hug a tree ? the positive energy will swap with any negativity you may have .

How to Ground Yourself : Close your eyes , hold your third eye ?, and the crown ? of your head, imagine a white light going through your body . Repeat “ I am here , I am grounded true north“ until you see the light beaming through your pores . ??

Day 5 -Say Less, Do More

The final day of our intentions course is about the act of doing?‍♀️?‍♂️! More often than not we get so caught up in explaining our thoughts and plans that we rarely start the process of what we are actually here to do. We go on these anxious rants to our peers only to be shut down by their reaction to our thoughts?.
If your peer isn’t jumping for joy at what your saying you become on the defense about your plans; “is my idea dumb?” , “will this work?”, “Idk why I thought I could do this”. Why do we do this to ourselves ?? You love your ideas, you KNOW that you can do it , you know that it will work ! So why? Why do we put so much energy into what others think of OUR plans? Kind of silly when you realize the only thing thats been stopping YOU is everyone else ? …

Shame and doubt have no room for growth in your life anymore. Let your fears and worry dissolve into the background until they are no longer a thought❌. Today your going to take the first step to starting your dreams ! You have everything you need to get started ! Stop with the lists, the dates, and the planning without movement. The time is now, today is the day, you got this. You can meditate and use all of your wishful thinking to try and manifest your dreams but it will only come into fruition with ACTION.

Finding your passion ?‍♀️?‍♂️:
* What makes you smile? ?
* What do you like to spend majority of your time doing? ⌚
* What gets you excited??
* If money were not a factor , what would you do forever? ?❌
* When you are by yourself what do you think of the most??
* *Start becoming more aware of the things that make you happy from the inside out , this is your passion!

“You have the power to create. Your Power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true. You create yourself, whatever you believe you are. You are the way you are because that is what you believe about yourself. Your whole reality, everything you believe, is your creation. You have the same power as any other human in the world. The main difference between you and someone else is how you APPLY your power, what you CREATE with your power.” – Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruiz✨