The art of Zone Therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Hieroglyphs depicting this therapy have been found in Egypt and ancient paintings from India reveal that Zoning was used to promote health and well-being for all people.

The modern history of zoning begins with Dr. William Fitzgerald, who developed a theory which he described in his book, The Ten Invisible Electric Circuits in the Body. In the 1950’s, a Norwegian by the name of Dr. Charles Ersdal’s paralysis was cured by Reflexology. Dr. Ersdal then began intense research on this method and determined that consistent health resulted from treating the whole body in its entirety at each session, rather than treating specific areas typically used in basic Foot Reflexology. He was able to chart the human anatomy as it relates to these Zones on the foot. He mapped the entire physiology including the brain, musculature, blood and lymph circulation system that we use today.

This was seen as a breakthrough, because it is only through the brain that information from the foot can be sent via Foot Zone Therapy. The brain analyzes the signals sent and in turn makes the proper corrections to your health system as a whole. Remember, your brain is in control, constantly instructing the body and telling it what to do next. In Foot Zone Therapy the body is always treated entirely. Partial zone treatments are not advised.


what people say about us

I feel alive again!


John B.
John B.

Not just a foot massage ! I was shocked at how much information was given to me, and how much better I feel.

Christina L.

My zoning experience was great! I had a pain on the outside of my right foot for about 2 weeks. It was pretty uncomfortable and it made me adjust my walking. While being zoned, i was able to learn about the area where my foot was in pain and how to take care of myself. Within a half and hour after being zoned my pain was gone! I'm looking forward to my next zone!

Jeremy M.