The psychological and physical health benefits of Zone Therapy are endless. And absolutely anyone can do it, from infants to the elderly.

Systems Improved With Foot Zoning:

• Blood circulation
• Hormone balance
• Lymphatic flow
• Digestion / Elimination
• Nervous system


Foot Zoning is a holistic approach to move your body back into homeostasis. A Zone Therapist uses precise and directed pressure to the various Zones of the feet. It is an advanced form of reflexology, that has been used for centuries, beginning in Egypt. It has increasingly become more commonly known and supported by today’s medical practitioners.

The Zone Therapy practitioner will analyze the foot and current state and condition of the body, by interpreting the messages it conveys through tenderness, discoloration and texture. When a signal point is triggered within a certain zone, a message is sent to the tissue (or organ that was affected), by traveling through the spinal cord, then reaching the brain which sends signals to begin healing the affected area (muscles, bones, joints, organs, body system and the emotion attached). Discomfort is typically experienced in zones that are imbalanced and in need of healing.

Zone Therapy stimulates every organ in the body and rejuvenates the cell system in each treatment causing a physical and psychological change. It is a method of treating physical, mental, and emotional functions of the body by using specific massage techniques, along the top, sides, and bottoms of the feet. Consistent zone sessions renew the cells throughout the body bringing them back into balance and removing them from the abnormal state. Zone balancing does take some time, as it works with the body’s natural intelligence system to allow the body to heal itself.

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Most important benefits of Foot Zoning:

• Rejuvenate cellular energy
• Restore balance to the body
• A sense of peace / Mental clarity
• Happier personality  / Loving and open heart
• Better sleep / Release of tension
• Removing bodily toxins
• Builds a stronger immune system / Quicker healing time


what people say about us

I feel alive again!


John B.
John B.

Not just a foot massage ! I was shocked at how much information was given to me, and how much better I feel.

Christina L.

My zoning experience was great! I had a pain on the outside of my right foot for about 2 weeks. It was pretty uncomfortable and it made me adjust my walking. While being zoned, i was able to learn about the area where my foot was in pain and how to take care of myself. Within a half and hour after being zoned my pain was gone! I'm looking forward to my next zone!

Jeremy M.